Neutral toys and made of mostly natural materials. There is elastic processed for more fun. From birth, babies can see about 30 cm sharp. After about 3 months they will use their hands to grab the figures on the car tensioner. In the toys there is a crisp paper processed for even more challenge. The wooden rings provide a civilized sound. By using the different colors, it remains fun for a baby to look at.

The figures are made of ecological wool felt and colored with natural materials. It contains no toxins and is therefore safe for babies to put in their mouths. The trolley tensioner is approximately 40 cm wide. At the ends are clips so they can be attached well to prams.

The different leaves are of the same moss green color.

Pay attention!

Never leave your child without supervision. Always check that all parts are still secure. The clips on the ends of the tensioners are not made to play with.