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BIBS - the Lux silicone - Blush T1

The BIBS pacifiers are available in many different cool colors. It has been developed to support the sucking reflex of the child.
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BIBS - the Lux silicone - Blush T1

The DeLuxe Bib pacifier is a round matte pacifier from the well-known teat brand BiBS.

The DeLuxe pacifier is a symmetrical pacifier. It is the classic round shape for a pacifier and has been used for years. The teat has a ring and there is no top or bottom.

The suction part of the DeLuxe teat. is cherry shape and symmetrical.

The Deluxe bib pacifier follows the baby's face to distribute the pressure of the teat as much as possible. The DeLuxe teat contains air holes that ensure that the skin around the mouth becomes less moist. This reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Unlike the classic BiBS teats, the teat part of the DeLuxe Silicon is made of silicone. This is produced without harmful additives and is very easily accepted by children. The advantage is that the material is sturdy and easy to clean. It is a soft material that does not stick. As a result, it does not attract unnecessary dirt. It is heat resistant and you can sterilize it time and time again without damaging the silicone.

This DeLuxe teat is size 1 and suitable from 0 - 6 months.



T1 = 0-6 months
T2 = 6-18 months