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Book Atlas

Large, colorful, surprising: a breathtaking atlas
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Book Atlas

Large, colorful, surprising: a breathtaking atlas full of fascinating facts about fauna, flora, culture, population, etc. What are the most popular given names in China? Which fish do you find in the Indian Ocean? What are the national sports of Canada? Where do they eat kötbullar? In what country is the historic city of Petra? Where do they do sandboarding?

Large, firmly executed atlas with around fifty simplified maps of the world, continents and countries. On the maps you can see everything about flora, fauna, culture and people. With each map, which each time has a double page, you will see in a corner what the capital is, the language spoken, the number of inhabitants and the area. A selection of special places, famous people who lived there, animals, plants, traditional cultural expressions, sports, food, etc., were placed on and around the map with lots of small colored drawings. The few quasi-written text consists of names in capital letters and occasionally a small explanation in a small letter. The sheet mirror is quite busy. The Polish authors did not intend to be complete. Not all countries are included in this atlas; the map of the Netherlands is actually there. But that is why it is not suitable as a search book. Contains a world map as a table of contents that starts on the inside of the cover. No register. 195 world flags are shown on the last four pages (including inside flap). Beautiful book to take time and again to discover something new. From approx. 10 years.