Book The best amazing, most fantastic grandfathers in the world

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'The best, greatest, most fantastic grandfathers in the world' is a great fun picture book for all children and their grandfathers (and grandmothers!). It was written by two-time Golden Granger winner Jan Paul Schutten.

Bragging grandpa's
Dirk is staying with his grandfathers, but he has to go to school. His grandfathers therefore have put together a bicycle for him. And while Dirk thinks of how to go to school on that ramshackle bike, the grandfathers boast about the hardships they had to undergo during their time on their way to school.

The first picture book by Jan Paul Schutten
Jan Paul Schutten, the king of non-fiction for children, has shown with this story that he does not turn his hand around for a witty picture book. The story is loosely based on the world famous sketch 'Four Yorkshiremen' by Monty Python. The hilarious illustrations are by Kees de Boer.

Dirk has three grandfathers, Balderik, Roderik and Diederik. Dirk also has three grandmothers, but they were so crazy about the grandfathers that they went to live across the street. When Dirk stays with the grandfathers, they have a 'super-de-luxe' bike ready for him to go to school. The tires are soft, the saddle is loose and the wheels are crooked. When Dirk says something about it, they start to brag about what they all had to overcome to get to school on time: on a bicycle with square wooden wheels, through raindrops as big as melons, over a piece of ocean with pirates or with two shattered legs and 46 degrees fever! Hilarious picture book full of fantasy in colorful, narrative illustrations in different formats. A lot of text in a letter without a letter, next to and in the prints. Nice and well maintained edition with a (flying?) Dirk riding a school on the cover. Reissue, now without a pop-up page at the end; previously appeared under the title 'Is that all?' *. From approx. 4 years.
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