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The book without drawings is a hit.
The book is even discussed in "The world goes through". Wouter Cajot said that the book turns every adult into a stand-up comedian. Good marketing? Yes, that too. The writer BJ Novak is a well-known actor, screenwriter and stand-up comedian in the US. The hilarious movie that has been put on YouTube, in which Novak reads the book to a room of frenzied toddlers, turns out to be a hit (see bottom of the page). Meanwhile, a similar film has been made with the Belgian comedian Wim Helsen. The book is now also a success. The book has been in the list of best selling children's books for weeks. It will also be a success in the Netherlands. And that is partly due to the clever translation work of Sylvia Vanden Heede.

But it is not just marketing why this book is a success. Although it is in fact a simple story, it is also really funny (for children) and the construction is very good. The typography and layout used are also excellent and support the story. Perhaps the power is also in the simplicity. Everyone can come up with this story and every child laughs when an adult says crazy or naughty things ... But someone has to be the first and set a good example. Novak does that. Originality and marketing together ensure success.

The title "the book without drawings" is true, by the way. There are no drawings in the book. It is not actually a picture book. Yet the book could be put under the picture books because of the typography and layout used. The target group is children from 3 years to a year or 8. The book must also be READY READY. Something that can be seen as a big plus in this time. A book that encourages reading. In fact, the book instructs the reader to read everything that is there. Even words like "Blork" or "Bluurf" ...

The book certainly ensures guaranteed success in the lower groups of primary school! Also at home your children will ask you to read the book again ... and again. Until you really got a blueberry pizza head ....

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