Book The color of emotions

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Color sample looks colorful, but actually it is very uncertain. A girl explains that he has made a 'mess of his emotions' and advises him to organize the emotions by putting them each in their own game.
Artful and surprising pop-up book to learn how to deal with your own emotions: sadness (depicted in blue tones), anger (red), fear (black), joy (yellow) and calm (green). For example, in the 'tranquility' print, all kinds of vegetation in tones can be seen in green with two trees, perpendicular to the double pages, plus a hammock with the (green) color sample in it. Color sample looks like Sendaks 'Maximonsters', the girl as a cut out figure from a children's drawing. The body language is clear. We have worked with collages that have ingeniously dealt with materials such as strings, paper, (corrugated) cardboard and tools such as the lancing device. Thick coloring pencil lines provide an extra vivid leaf mirror.
The text consists of short sentences. The more difficult words and the abstract thinking require guidance from adults. This extremely well-kept book with nine pop-ups can be used mainly under supervision due to the vulnerability and theme.

Suitable for children to learn how to deal with emotions.

From approx. 3 to 5 years.

Have you made a mess of your emotions? You have to organize them neatly: each with its own color and each with its own place. This book helps you with that.

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