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This beautiful picture book by Charlotte Dematons has no text and a story seems to be missing. But the good viewer soon discovers that the different plates of the city, the desert, the jungle and the sea have something to do with each other. Time and time again a blue car pops up, a fakir on a flying carpet, a crook in prison uniform, and a yellow balloon. Young and old will happily search for these recurring elements and thus reconstruct the story themselves.
In De gele ballon Charlotte Dematons not only shows herself a mistress in the creation of atmosphere 'she has also included countless little jokes in this book. Niels Holgersson, the Baron von Münchhausen, Pippi Longstocking, Tutankhamun, Santa Claus, Rumpelstiltskin and many other well-known figures from the (children's) literature walk happily across the pages and make this picture book a feast of recognition. To view endlessly!

There is so much to see in this large, hardboard picture book with two rounded corners. The prints take you on a world tour and show you from the air not only the world but also a piece of its history. From Indians to knights in a castle, from an African landscape to a pirate boat and aircraft carrier side by side on a big ocean. In addition, regular guests travel along the page-crossing prints: a blue car, a yellow balloon, a fakir on a flying carpet and a crook. It is quite a quest to always find them; this allows for even more precise viewing and tracking, and thus for even more discovering all the beauty! The colorful, painted prints are detailed and provide lots of viewing pleasure. The book has no text; they can think of the viewer (s) themselves while talking and telling each other. By making the details of the prints more difficult to use in a (somewhat larger) group. In small groups, cozy close together, it provides a lot of conversation and interaction. You will not get bored! Core title Children's book week 2012. Awarded with various (also international) prizes; in 2008 the illustrator received a Golden Brush for the also textless picture book 'Sinterklaas'. From approx. 4 years.
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