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Banwood is a family business from Berlin, Germany, with a passion for high-end bicycle products for children. Banwood's Core vision is safety, high quality and timeless design.


The brand

Banwood is a family-run business from Berlin, Germany, with a passion to promote high-end bicycle items for children. Banwood's core vision is safe, high quality and timeless design.

The products

Time has changed in the way children play, but the way children learn and develop remains the same. They believe that play is the key to growing up. This is the basis for maturity. They want to preserve this magic and create beautiful memories. Balance bikes help children develop motor skills, balance and confidence, offering a smooth transition to a pendulum bike without the need for training wheels.

At every step in production - from design and manufacture to delivery - they pay attention to the smallest details for the greatest cycling experience. Every Banwood bicycle has been extensively tested and has high quality standards, just like their own expectations.

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