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Letters and Lines


Letters and Lines

Letters and Lines is a creative studio focused on illustrative design and postcards. They would describe the style of this company as minimalistic and “straight to the point.” When designing cards, the makers try to say it as it is and to convey the message as it is intended. "You are a beautiful person." Or "mom I am so happy that you are my mother."

They often take their inspiration from things they hear or see. "'You are mine   favorite person 'is based on what a student of a good friend of mine said to her “teacher you are my favorite person.” You can't get a nicer compliment! "

A card is a small effort, but sometimes we say more with a card than we dare to say in words. Letters and Lines has found a basis in cards to express many of their ideas. It is accessible and personal, you can reach many people with it and others can give meaning to it in their own way. That's a nice fact!



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