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Meri-Lou sells products made from natural materials


With a history of working as an interior stylist and love for all things interior design,
Meri-Lou was born.

Meri-Lou was inspired by my own personal experience of becoming a mother.
After sharing some photos on social media of our vintage family bed,
I have received many questions about it.
I thought it would be great to let others enjoy such a beautiful and unique item.
The desire to put our vintage family bed into production was enormous and couldn't wait to sell it.
However, the crib must of course meet current safety requirements, and while it is also mandatory, Meri-Lou considers this very important.
What we found was that applying these strict measures became a very difficult and time consuming process
and I left the cradle for what it was and started to focus on developing other interior items.
My mind worked overtime with new ideas.

With a nice cooperation with factories in Indonesia and India,
I was able to get exactly what I had dreamed of for a long time.
There is now a collection of small furniture and home accessories
who personally stole my heart completely.
The collection really has its own style.
It is largely handmade and is refined, contemporary, unique and has a vintage feel.
The Meri-Lou collection can be combined well with modern interior styling
and can be placed in all areas of the house.
I am very proud of this collection and can't wait to expand it!

With my husband and two sons (Fimme and Fender) we live in Hoorn,
a beautiful, old city in North Holland.
Meri-Lou works from here, but in the points of sale (see: retailers)
you will find the items that have been developed and produced with a lot of love!

-x- Laurien

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