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Studio Romeo

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Studio Romeo

Studio Romeo is a French brand that focuses on making the best and most beautiful clothes. Jeanne, started the designer of the slings to the design when her son was born Rom é o. She missed them a nice, good towel for her baby because strollers were not always as practical. The choice in wipes did not make them happy, 5m long blankets that should be constantly remodeled with buttons you get stuck in. Not to mention the colors and synthetic materials!
During her second pregnancy, she decided to develop this eco-friendly concept with cloths which represent comfort, style and safety.

Benefits of a towel
Wearing your child in a canvas has several advantages, namely; It promotes the parent-child relationship, the cognitive thinking of your child is stimulated by positive thoughts about security and trust that are stimulated by intense contact with father or mother. Reduced burden of air bubbles and abdominal cramps through the vertical position of the baby in the wiper.

The concept: No knots, no buckles
Studio Romeo's wipes are designed to carry your baby without complicated hassle with buttons, buckles, valves or rings. Studio Romeo's carrying cloth consists of 2 soft cloths that slide over the shoulders through a loop. The canvas can hold the child in 3 different ways, both lying and sitting. Studio Romeo's handkerchiefs are made to grow your baby, offering perfect support to your baby's head and back and can be used from birth to weight of 12 kg.

Natural materials
All Studio Romeo products are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in Portugal. This means that the wipes and blankets are made of natural fibers and poison free harvested at organic farms. For Studio Romeo, Organic Hand-In-Hand is Fair Trade; hence the materials used by Studio Romeo are honestly obtained and Studio Romeo's products are honestly manufactured.
Because the skin of babies is very sensitive, the color and dyes used by Studio Romeo are all natural. Water-based color and made of plants. They are completely free from chemical carcinogens.


The Studio Romeo biological cotton wipes are therefore a must-have for every conscious father and mother!

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