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Eeveve mess mat Flower Branch - Dust

Mess mat in a beautiful color. Handy when crafting or playing; if something has been spilled, you can easily clean it by wiping a cloth over the mat. In addition, the mat is also beautiful.
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Eeveve mess mat Flower Branch - Dust

The moisture-resistant mats from Eeveve are easy to use under the high chair (to protect the floor against the first bites of your little one). In addition, the mats can also be used outside, for example to have a picnic or play. The fun designs make the mats blend in nicely with the interior. The mats are 1 mm thick and have a diameter of 110 cm.

The mats are eco-friendly, durable, organic and made of 100% soft vinyl. The mats are non-slip and the ink used to color the mats (phthalates) does not contain formaldehydes. Produced and tested under the European standard of REACH

The mat is packed in a tube that is 100% recyclable.


What is the best way to remove stains from the floor mat / placemat?
Stains such as food, crayons, water marker and pencil are easy to remove with water and a mild soap. (For example, washing-up liquid is no problem at all)

How can I keep the floor mat optimally beautiful?
Make sure you have a clean and flat surface before you put the mat on the floor. If dirt gets under the mat and you slide a chair over it, the print on the top layer will be damaged. Everything you put on the mat should not be sharp. Make sure those items that slide over the mat are protected at the bottom.

Can a floor mat lie on a heated floor?
Underfloor heating is no problem for your floor or the floor mat.

Can the mat be on any type of floor?
Yes you can, but keep the following in mind: do you have a coated or varnished floor? Then pay attention to whether it contains solvents that are released from the floor. As an example: Solvent Solvent. This can soften the mat and floor due to the constant release of the solvent, causing damage.

Are the placemats resistant to extreme heat?
The products can handle a heat of 110 degrees Celsius. A hot plate from the oven is therefore no problem!

What NOT to do (to preserve the products)
- Do not put the floor mat rolled up in a corner, then the mat will wrinkle and it takes a long time before the mat is nice and smooth again. If this has happened: put the mat in the sun on a flat surface. The heat flattens the mat faster.
- Be careful when sliding the chair up and along the edge of the mat, as this can damage the print more quickly.
- Do not use the mat under an office chair with wheels.
- Try to clean with the sanding side of the sponge.
- Use of coarse cleaning agents.



The products are still a little curled up when I take them out of the packaging, how long does it take to lie straight?
It works a bit like a carpet, let the products lie on a flat surface for 1 day, then they are nice and flat. If you also store the products on a flat surface, it will keep in shape.

Can I take the products with me on a trip?
The luxury packaging in which Eeveve's products are delivered are designed to safely store and take your items with you!

Can I place the floor mat standing in a corner?
The floor mats can be stored in the tube. Storage in a standing position is only possible if the storage set is complete and the inner tube has been used to roll the mat around.
To preserve the mat, it is always better to store the mat in a lying position.