Gottmer I would like to have a baby

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The little crocodile likes bananas, but actually he would like to have a baby too. One day he sees a girl and does he make an effort ...

A hilarious story with good dry humor that will appreciate everyone, young and old.

Small crocodile gets tasty bananas every day to get big and strong. One day he does not want to eat because he has more fun in a baby. Mom and dad crocodile try to get him in vain to eat something else. At the river, the little crocodile sees a girl he wants to eat, but she calls out that he still has to eat a lot if he ever wants to grow up and throw him into the water. Suddenly he has a lot of dreams in bananas, because now he suddenly wants to get big and strong. The little crocodile responds like any naked toddler who has put his sentences on something. His parents can not convince him, but if he fails, he quickly returns to them. This oblong imagery book contains clear watercolor illustrations that usually comprise a double page. The animals are drawn slightly caricature, which has an expressive and funny effect. Throughout the book, the state of the sun and the color choice give the course of tomorrow to evening. The text at the bottom of the pages contains dialogues and allows you to read easily. A surprising and humorous picture book for toddlers from around 4 years.
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