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The little Koala is a common animal. He is very keen on his place high in the tree and likes things like they are. One day, the worst thing Koala can imagine is: his tree is falling. Now he has to let go. Thus he finds out that a change does not mean the end of the world.

The habit is nice and pleasant. Change seems scary, but what happens if you step out of your comfort zone? In this impressive picture book, a delicious feel good story with a light message is told: dare to let go!

A little koala is very fond of his tree. He sticks firmly to the tree trunk and does not intend to get out of the safe tree, because on the ground it is very busy and noisy. If a wombat asks if he also comes down to play with other animals, he says he's too busy. But the little koala is afraid to come down to the stranger. One day, the tree is being visited by a woodpecker, who hurts so hard with his beak that overlaps the tree. Once on the ground, the koala feels how nice it can be there. In a beautiful, feasible manner, the fear of the koalaber is well elaborated, for joy, if he eventually overcomes his fear. The lively translation uses broken rhyme that promotes reading. In the beautiful illustrations in mixed technique, the emotions of the koalaber are emphasized by color use. The layout is varied and also looks at the koalaber from an alternating perspective, sometimes in extreme close-up, sometimes from below. Details within the illustrations may be the reason for further discussion of the story. A very successful picture book. From about 4 years.

Let go, Koala!
Let go, Koala! Do not stay on the branch.
Let go drop you drop We will catch you!
But Koala was scared. He climbed the bast
and he only kept firmer.
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