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Heart thief wall sticker big bear

This Big Bear keeps watch at night when you sleep.
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Heart thief wall sticker big bear

This Big Bear keeps watch at night when you sleep.
Up there among the stars the moon shines so bright .... it seems like she is smiling!

Material: Wall sticker Grote Beer is printed on high-quality 'Easy Apply' wall film, in other words, it is easy to paste. You can simply blow away air bubbles. The sticker is matte glossy and deep in color.

Paste: Our advice is to stick the sticker from bottom to top. Note: Once stuck, Grote Beer can still be removed, but moving several times is not possible. So measure well in advance where you put Big Beer on!

Dimensions: 50 cm wide and 96 cm high


Pay attention! We cannot guarantee adhesion of the sticker on a textured wall. Too much air will come under the sticker so that it can (eventually) come off. We recommend placing the sticker on a panel for a structural wall , see a tutorial below:



Place the wall sticker on a piece of wood. Make sure the surface is clean. After you have placed it on the material, you must saw it along the lines. In this case it has been decided to also cut off the white border.

Sand the edges carefully. In this case, a piece of 360-grit sandpaper was used.

To get the best result, we recommend coloring the edges with a marker that matches the MDF with the color of the animal. Brown was used here to imitate the bear's fur.

Find the right place for the wall sticker on your wall. We recommend using double-sided tape or 3M mounting strips.

That's all. You are ready and can enjoy the amazing result.