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Holztiger brontosaurus 20 cm

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This Holztiger Brontosaurus is very cool!
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Holztiger brontosaurus 20 cm

This Holztiger Brontosaurus is very cool! The Brontosaurus was a heavily-built quadruped that grew to more than twenty meters and weighed fifteen tons. He had a fairly long but firm neck with a small head. With that he tore off pieces of conifers that were swallowed without chewing and digested in the enormous abdominal cavity. A long horizontal tail protruded from the hull at the rear, which the animal used as a whip to defend itself against predators such as Allosaurus .

The Holztiger brand comes from Germany. The play figures are made by hand from solid maple and beech wood and are finished by hand with water-based paint and therefore safe for the little ones to play with. The figures are beautifully finished, knot-free, smooth and very nicely rounded.

The figures of Holztiger are a bit large compared to other brands in terms of dimensions and are therefore very suitable for small hands. And of course it is also very instructive to recognize the different animals. Which animal is an elephant? What sound does he make? What does he eat and where does he come from?

The figures of Holztiger also look great when you put them in the baby or children's room ....


Dimensions: approx. 20 x 2.8 x 7.5 cm