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Everything to complete the party can be found at Mrs. Aardbei.nl


The products

Birthdaytrains, flags... Everything to complete your party! The train from Konges Sløjd for example, a perfect train for every birthday! At the front of the train you see Pierrot walking with the number, a lemon, a goose, a circus tent and finally a monkey. You can also find two candle holders and 10 numbers in the box.

The brands

Konges Sløjd's train is made of ceramic and metal, which gives the train a special look. Konges Sløjd is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand stands for quality, functionality and simplicity. All products are produced in good working conditions and Konges Sløjd is in daily contact with the suppliers. The products are made in detail, Konges Sløjd guarantees that the items are 100% quality! The design philosophy is to make the articles attractive for both children and parents. Konges Sløjd was founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal who designed all products.

Party? We'll make sure it's complete with the birthdaytrain and flags!

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