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Machouyou purple - stop the pacifier and thumbs

Does your child still not want to let go of his/her pacifier or is he/she often crossing his/her fingers? Are your child's teeth out of alignment / in their natural position?
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Machouyou purple - stop the pacifier and thumbs

What is Machouyou?

“Machouyou (pronounced “Masjoejoe”) was designed by a French orthodontist. This orthodontist specializes in medical accessories for children and adults. This Machouyou helps with the following:

– Reducing the need for suction
– Helps naturally align teeth
– Repositions the tongue and jaws
– Promotes nasal breathing
– Prevents dental problems
– Improves chewing
– It prepares the teeth for the permanent teeth



What do you get when you buy a Machouyou:

  1. Additional information folder
  2. At Mam'bers you can also ask questions, find tips & experiences from various moms


What preparations can I do to increase the chance of success?

Good preparation is important to increase the chance of success. Below are some tips you can use:

  • Tell your child it's time to move to a 'big boy/big girl' pacifier
  • If necessary, explain what the Machouyou will mean for him/her
  • Let them choose the color (available in purple, orange and green) to make it feel more like their own
  • Once the Machouyou has been received, there are two options: 1: find a suitable way for you to say goodbye to the baby teat. 2: Practice with the pacifier while reading a book or any other activity and say that the child can indicate when he wants to sleep with it and say goodbye to the baby pacifier. In return you can put a present.

Read a successful experience of a mother with our detailed action plan: “ Plan of Action

Or join our new Mam'bers community! It's free and you can ask questions, read tips, experiences and updates from different moms: Machouyou Mam'bers community (note: the system is still in English, this will soon be translated into Dutch).


And what about a thumb lottery?

Keep in mind that thumbs may take a little longer, it's a process. At this age, it's often about breaking a habit. Good preparation is important to increase the chance of success.

Below are some tips you can use:

  • Tell your child that he/she is a big boy/girl and his/her thumb is no longer meant for the mouth. If possible, give what a thumb is for with examples from his/her daily activities (sticking stickers, holding cutlery/toothbrush, doing puzzles, drawing, etc.)
  • When giving up thumbs, offering an alternative is a friendly way to taper off. Instead of the thumb, indicate what the Machouyou will mean to him/her
  • Let them choose the color (available in purple and orange) to make it feel more like their own
  • Since his/her thumb is always available, it is crucial to offer the same with the Machouyou. To ensure that the Machouyou is always at hand, secure it to a piece of clothing with a Machou cord . Once the need for suction comes up, it makes it easier to grab it instead of the thumb.

How long does it take for the pacifier to be forgotten?

70% of the children immediately accept the Machouyou and no longer ask for the baby teat.

The other 30% of the children need some time to get used to it. Machouyou is another “weird thing”. Prepare well and don't forget to sign up for tips during your order, we are happy to help you!

On average, the process takes +/- 3 months for a full natural recovery.

More than 100,000 children have already been successful with thumbs & the pacifier stopped with Machouyou!



1. Wash the Machouyou well under the tap before using it for the first time.

2. Place the flat part between the teeth

3. Tongue against the palate

4. Close the lips

5. For the parents: inform him/her that the Machouyou is held between the teeth. Do not bite or crunch it.

We recommend staying with it for the first +/- 5 minutes to make sure it is not chewed. The silicone is flexible for wearing comfort and promoting the natural jaw & teeth position.

If it is bitten regularly, the Machouyou can be damaged, which would significantly shorten the life of the Machouyou.

Let your child wear the Machouyou for at least 1 hour during the day (for example in front of the TV, while coloring, doing puzzles, etc.) and let him/her sleep with it at night.