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A Lovely Little Company

A Lovely Little Company collection includes: cheerful letter banners and unique children's accessories, but also beautifully designed toys and various festive decorations for the season.
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A Lovely Little Company

A Little Lovely story ... A Lovely Little Company   

In the winter of 2013 designers and founders Judith de Ruijter and Nikki Hateley started their new joint Lovely Little adventure. From a shared passion for transforming ordinary house and party decorations to unique and personal atmospherics. With an eye for beautiful design, fine detail and color matching accessories and decorations make a room or party not only personal and unique, but you're able to make a special atmosphere and "loveliness".

This philosophy led to a concept which combines unique and attractive living and party decorations: A Lovely Little Company was born!

The Little Lovely collection includes: gay garlands and unique stuffed confetti balloons, but also uniquely designed letter banners, posters and various design decorations for the season, children and living rooms and beautiful highlights in everyone's life ... Make your children's totally hip with trendy accessories A little lovely company.

Everything under the motto: Making Life Lovely!