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Plan Toys delivery vans

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This set of 3 small vans from Plan Toys are a nice addition to the fleet.
Plan Toys delivery vans

This set of 3 small vans (milk can, cash can, package canister) from Plan Toys is a nice addition to the fleet. The cars have rotating rubber wheels so that they can race smoothly on the ground. Good to use with Way To Play !

Age: From 3 years old
Dimensions: 4.8x3.4x3 cm
Material: Durable rubber tree wood * and water-based paint

* Rubber tree wood comes from rubber trees that no longer produce latex. In the past, the rubber tree plantation was burned down and replanted with new plants. Now the trees are being felled, new trees are being planted and the wood from the 'old' tree is being reused to make this fantastic toy, among other things.