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Stapelstein cool classic inside edition - 3 pcs

This small cool classic set from Stapelstein consists of six harmoniously coordinated colors and transforms every room into a playground for exercise!
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Stapelstein cool classic inside edition - 3 pcs

With Stapelstein ® Inside cool classic, the radiant, strong, warm colors of the rainbow unfold. Playing with colors or numbers, sorting and arranging, stacking indoors or on top of each other - even the little ones can gain their first valuable experience with Inside's plug-in principle.

What can you do with it?

With the Stapelsteine you can do anything you can imagine with it. Let your child's imagination run wild.
* SIT, together in a circle. Make high or low chairs, and choose your own color.
* LEARN the colors, or start stacking and let the children count how many stacking stones there are.
* PLAY, by making large (or small) structures. Stack them, sort them, hide them, or play "The Floor is Lava". There are endless playing possibilities.
* BALANCING by placing the Stacking Stones one end apart. A different challenge can be chosen for every age.


The Stapelstein is an ideal durable toy to promote children's movement. The ecological toy is a multifunctional, sustainable and easily recyclable play and learning object. During development, we paid attention to a particularly timeless and innovative design, which means that the Stapelstein can be used for a particularly long time and in many different ways. The entire product life cycle is sustainable - from climate-neutral production to complete recyclability. All Stapelsteine, regardless of color, are 100% recyclable and climate-neutrally produced in Germany.

Free from harmful substances

Toys for children must be free of harmful substances. Toddlers in particular explore their environment with all their senses. In certain stages of development it also happens that the toy is put in the mouth. That is why Stapelstein and our balance boards are produced without chlorofluorocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and compounds containing lead, cadmium or chromium, and are therefore absolutely safe.


The Stapelstein is ideal for children from 1 year old and always remains bite and saliva resistant. In addition, the shock-absorbing Stapelstein and the Balance Board are free of sharp corners and edges, which guarantees extra safety while playing.

User manual

  • Pointed and sharp objects and surfaces such as scissors, knives, nails, wire, stones, etc. should be avoided. Do not bring into contact with the Stapelstein or the Balance Board.
  • Pointed and sharp objects and surfaces can cause permanent damage to Stapelstein and Balance Board.
  • Avoid extreme heat and all possible ignition sources (flames or sparks).
  • When playing in the water, the Stapelstein and the Balance Board only serve as toys and not as swimming aids. The Stapelsteine and balance boards may therefore only be used in shallow water under adult supervision.
  • Be careful balancing! On slippery floors, jerky movements can cause the Stapelsteine to slip. A carpet or some kind of yoga mat will prevent the Stapelsteine from slipping.

Product information

  • Inside S: Weight = 12 g, diameter = 93.5 mm, height = 42.2 mm
  • Inside M: Weight = 38.4 g, diameter = 155.6 mm, height = 66.1 mm
  • Inside L: Weight = 70.8 g, diameter = 211.1 mm, height = 87.6 mm