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Olli Ella Luggy

A beautiful basket on wheels for your child from Olli Ella, perfect to take their favorite toys with you. The luggy basket will want to take your child with you wherever you go, such as the beach, the playground or the weekly shopping! But in addition to taking it with you, you can also put this beautiful and popular luggy in your little one's room and use it as a storage. The Olli Ella luggies are made from Seagrass and are fair trade. This crazy shopping trolley for children is available in many colors including natural, pink, white and yellow. Are you now jealous of the beautiful luggy of your little one or do you want to match? Then there is a mommy version of the natural luggy from Olli Ella. For the bike there are the Olli Ella bicycle baskets, both in natural and pink and also a mommy version in natural. Pimp your bike with it and easily take your favorite hug or doll with you on your adventures.

Zoeyzo kitchenettes

You have probably seen them on Instagram or Pinterest; the awesome stickers for the IKEA kitchenettes. And of course these are also available at Mrs. Strawberry! For example the flowerbar: The sticker is meant for the back of the kitchen. Turn the kitchen, stick the sticker on and your little man or girl can sell his or her flowers! The stickers give a nice twist to the standard product. You change the kitchen in a jiffy into something else and it looks cozy in your interior too! There are also stickers for a snack bar, bakery, juicy bar, ice cream stall and Italian restaurant.

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