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Trybike steel vintage green tricycle

It's not for nothing that this beautiful and smart 2-in-1 balance bike has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2018!
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Trybike steel vintage green tricycle

It is for good reason that this beautiful and smart 2-in-1 balance bike has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award 2018! It is a very solid tricycle that can be changed into a two-wheeler in no time. The beautiful vintage design completes the model completely.

Children will enjoy the Trybike for at least 4 years and children will be able to develop their motor skills faster.

This 2-in-1 balance bike has been developed and designed in the Netherlands by Co & Co and has been compiled after years of expertise with balance bikes. The best materials, beautiful details and a high-quality finish have been deliberately chosen. The result: the bicycle that we, as a child, actually wanted.


Step 1: Three wheels
The first position of the Trybike is the low tricycle with a lot of stability to easily develop walking and driving skills. With this, children learn to walk and cycle from 15 months.

Step 2: Two wheels
When children are 2 to 3 years old, the Trybike can be in the second position, the two-wheeler. With only 2 Allen keys you can easily convert the low tricycle to a low two-wheeler. Loosen the wheels and replace the long rear axle with a short one-wheel axle. This begins the next phase of learning to ride a bike, finding your balance. In the beginning things are still a bit awkward and children miss the stability of the third wheel. After some practice and with some trial and error, they often realize and it doesn't take long before they race down the street. With the unique footrest, children learn to balance even better later and pedaling with pedals becomes a breeze.

Step 3: Set even higher
Another unique item on the Trybike is the rear wheel control disk. This allows you to raise the bike even higher (or lower) and you can make the wheelbase longer or shorter. In this way you create the perfect setting for the level and skills of each child.


Result cycling without training wheels!
If your child keeps his feet on the floor while walking, he is an accomplished walking bike expert. Now you can also buy a real bicycle with pedals. If you buy a bicycle with pedals, leave the training wheels in the store. The only thing that your child now needs to learn is to pedal and brake. Balancing is no problem and after an hour of practice most children already cycle.


General information

Delivery: The Trybike is supplied in a compact box and is easy to assemble.

Weight: 6.3 kg as a tricycle. 5.1 kg as a two-wheeler.

Saddle height: Adjustable from 30 to 45 cm

Age: from 15 months to around 6 years

Inspection: The trybike Steel is CE and EN71 approved.