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Zazu sleep trainer penguin chocolate

The cute bluetooth sleep trainer Penguin Pam from Zazu is not only great fun for your child
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Zazu sleep trainer penguin chocolate

The cute Bluetooth sleep trainer Penguin Pam from Zazu is not only super fun for your child, it is also very useful for mom and dad's night's sleep. With its 3 functions, it is an absolute must-have for the nursery.

First and foremost, the sweet penguin can be used as a night light. Let PAM light up gently all night or choose the timer function. It turns off automatically after half an hour. Your little one can choose the color of the night light: blue, pink, white or red.

The sleep trainer function ensures that your child knows when it is time to get up. If PAM the penguin has an orange color, it is still a little too early to get out of bed (max. 30 minutes). If the animal lights up green, it's time to get up.

Thirdly, PAM is a nice bluetooth speaker. Connect the penguin to your phone or tablet and let your child enjoy fun stories, cheerful songs or sweet sleeping tunes.

PAM the penguin is wireless and can be easily charged with the supplied USB cable. Because it has an LED light and therefore does not get hot, it is safe and suitable for every children's room.

Handy built-in bluetooth speaker Timer option Dimensions: 17 x 11 x 11 cm Wireless, so can be taken to bed without danger LED light Includes USB adapter With the Bluetooth Sleep Trainer Penguin PAM from Zazu, the whole family can enjoy a wonderful night's sleep!