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If you are looking for stylish, unique teats made of beautiful material, then you have come to the right place.
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You can also contact Mrs. Aardbei for really good teats and pacifier cords.

Natural rubber or silicone nipples

You'll probably want to get your baby used to a pacifier, as it's better for their teeth than sucking on their thumb or fingers. At Mrs. Aardbei, we have done our best to include some really good teats in the range. A good teat is important, because one teat is not like the other and that also applies to the babies: they want some teats and others they don't want to accept. We have the Natursutten brand with natural rubber pacifiers. Very soft teats designed to get as close as possible to sucking at the breast. (natursutten=natural sucking). We have a round model and a butterfly model for different ages. The brand Hevea has orthodontic teats made of natural rubber for the ages of 0-3 months and 3-36 months. We have silicone teats from the brand Elodie. The version with the dots is very nice to see, also in combination with a pacifier cord with the same print. We also have a beautiful pink version. Elodie Details has a whole series of silicone pacifiers in beautiful designs: with beautiful graphic prints, dots and beautiful colors.

Give your baby and yourself a handy and beautiful pacifier cord

One of the most useful things when you have a baby is a pacifier clip. You have used your baby to a teat instead of thumb or fingers -because better for the teeth-. And then you are always alert that you have your child's (favorite) teat quickly at hand. Because that is necessary when you want to comfort or when it is time to go to sleep. But the bad thing about teats is that they are small, often transparent or skin-colored and they just have a tendency to get lost in different places. If you want to prevent this and create convenience for your baby and for yourself, choose a handy pacifier clip. You clip it to the vest or jacket when you carry your baby or have it in the bicycle seat; or directly on the car seat or stroller. Problem solved and pacifier always at hand! But it is also a nice eye-catcher and you can also use it to add a colorful or funny accent. We have cool pacifier clips from different brands, each with its own style and appearance. So your style is stuck with it; or you just like to have different pacifier cords. You can't beat it for the price. And of course it is also a great maternity gift.

Large choice in cool pacifier clips of different material

Not only do we have different styles and colors, but there is also a choice of different materials. The first big difference is whether you opt for a pacifier cord or opt for a small cuddle cloth with the function of a pacifier cord. The latter are usually easier for younger babies, because they are easier to find for the searching hands and they are also cuddly cloths that are nice to hold in your hand. From Mies&Co we have the irresistible Snuggle Bunny, a soft bunny made of flowing terry cloth in white and pink and from the brand Koeka we have super soft cuddle cloths in the shape of a leaf in their signature waffle fabric or in super soft terry cloth. There is a wide choice of colours: bay pink, steel gray and silver grey, misty mint and ocher. There is an even wider choice with the pacifier cords. Here you can choose between leather and a supple nylon. Mies&Co and Bezisa have beautiful leather pacifier clips in the colors taupe, black, blush and dark green. In a word, stylish. The pacifiers and pacifier clips from Elodie, Fabelab and Liewood offer a variety of contemporary, cool prints with a cheerful appearance.

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