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Petit Boom

Petit Boum is a wonderful brand of sensory toys from Spain. Petit Boum has an extensive selection of sensory bottles that encourage discovery with their senses.
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Petit Boom

In 2008, Dolors opened the toy store Andròmines and the play area El Niu in Olot together with her sister Carmen. She has always been interested in alternative pedagogy such as Montessori, Pikler, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and other forms of learning through play, but nothing beats first-hand experience. And it turned out that when we talked to the parents, an anecdote was always repeated: "No matter what toys we give him, he always plays with a bottle." And boom! That's how I ended up in the world of sensory bottles. “What is it about bottles that fascinates the little ones so much? What if we fill them with treasures, colors, light and sound and let them take a look at that magical universe? And above all…: “And if we do it right, so that our bottles are irresistible, precious and safe?”.
This is how Petit Boum was born… But not so quickly. As she said, I take the game very seriously and before it was launched to the world there was a lot of work to be done. Lots of experimentation, lots of trial and error… and all those procedures of adult life that have made Petit Boum bottles the star of every storefront and of homes like yours. To achieve this, she put on her lab technician coat (the real good one) and she didn't stop until she got the strictest safety approvals: She also had the advice of pediatricians and visual therapists.

Let's go play? And then there was the most important thing: never stop giving free rein to her imagination to continue creating dozens of universes full of colors, adventures and magical effects. Each Petit Boum collection is a personal journey for her in which she reconnects with the experience of being a girl. With every new bottle, with every shape and every color, she regains that wonderful opportunity to see everything with renewed eyes. And there is nothing more beautiful than sharing that feeling with children of all ages. More colors than the rainbow And endless characters, landscapes, effects, lights... The hardest part is choosing! The Petit Boum collection continues to grow and gain fans among children and adults. So she warns you: if you try one of our bottles, you risk becoming addicted


Child safety

So that they can play them in complete freedom. The inside is sealed and they have a second natural wooden stopper, ideal for their little hands. The bottles are free of BPA, metals and phthalates. They can withstand blows and are completely safe, so that even the smallest children can handle and calm them down as they see fit.


A stimulant bomb… and calm

Learning with Petit Boum is learning through play, free, alone or with parents. It is looking into a new universe of sounds, colors and shapes, of stories and wonders. Its benefits are supported by paediatricians and educators, and it is an ideal toy for children to imagine, stimulate and soothe with its amazing effects.

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