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We have very cool children's clothing for children from Sproet & Sprout in the shop. Sproet & Sprout finds it very important to be themselves. This is how they keep their signature and consistency. Sproet & Sprout believe that real beauty lies in the perfect imperfections. This is not only reflected in the hand-drawn prints, but also how they choose the models for the campaigns. We love imperfection, just like real people. Because this is perfection for Sproet & Sprout.
The collections contain a wide variety of garments including rompers, trousers and dresses. If you go to the beach, the brand also has great items such as swimming trunks, bikinis and bathing suits. You can also succeed here for the children's room, blankets and duvet covers are also part of the range!

we want to put a smile on your face

The Sproet & Sprout brand uses playful experiments. This playful and craftsmanship makes the children's clothing collections recognizable. Having fun is what Sproet & Sprout finds important. In addition, it is even more fun to share this positive energy with the world and not take it too seriously. Because ultimately they want to put a smile on your face.

we go for timeless

Social responsibility is what Sproet & Sprout attaches great importance to. Therefore, they constantly make conscious decisions with everything they do. This is the reason that the collections are made with great quality and timeless designs. But also the reason why they communicate in a warm and honest way. In addition to this, Sproet & Sprout is always working to show the diversity of people in the campaigns.

A baby mainly regulates its temperature via its head. A baby's head is fairly large in relation to the rest of its body and covers 20% of the body surface. This means you cool down sooner. That's why you should dress a baby warmer than a child or adult. Children's clothing will often be purchased "as they grow", meaning that it may initially be a little too big.

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