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Role play is important for your child's development. Mrs. Aardbei has the best role-playing games from the best brands!
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Plan Toys pasta
Plan Toys pasta
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Plan Toys hairdressing set
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Janod hairdresser set
Janod hairdresser set
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Plan Toys make-up set
Plan Toys make-up set
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What is it good for?

Role play can help your child develop fine and gross motor skills. This usually happens between the ages of three to eight years. It gives children the freedom and space to express certain emotions. Imagining, pretending and experimenting is good for promoting creativity and cognitive development.

In these types of games, your child usually plays a role that he or she often sees in life. Think of being a father or mother, but also hairdresser, teacher and construction worker are common roles. Young children often choose the same role. If their favorite role is a baker, they will choose this character more often than others in the beginning. That's not a bad thing, since all learned things have to be practiced a few times first. By being the same a few times, the practice is very easy.

Besides a good development, role play also offers a safe way to practice social interaction. A child is not really a teacher, baker or boss over someone, but the behavior at that moment fits the role that the child takes on. Through this way of playing, children can develop their own identity and realize that it can differ from their friends.


At Mrs. Aardbei, we have many different toys to encourage role play. Let your child help you in the kitchen with the beautiful pans or dinnerware sets. Have your hair styled with the fun hairdressing sets. Are you hurt"? Let your child examine you with the extensive doctor's bags!



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