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Are you looking for stylish, unique puzzle made of beautiful material, then you've come to the right place. Mrs. Aardbei has a large assortment of puzzles for babies and small children. There is always something in between for your little one!


The most beautiful puzzles to use from an early age such as the Janod chunky puzzles! This puzzle has large pieces that are easy to hold for small hands. In addition to puzzling, it can also be used as a toy because they are so large. Puzzles are therefore also a super nice baby shower gift. If you want an educational puzzle there are different puzzles with the earth or the alphabet. With the earth, your little one learns what the world really looks like and what can be found everywhere. The earth is available and two versions, of 300 pieces and of 208 pieces. This is a suitable gift for an older child. In addition to the earth puzzle, Janod also has the chunky puzzle so that the visual eye of your little one makes them want to learn and play. Have them sort the colors or say the letters aloud. This puzzle is fun to make alone or with a parent who can explain it. With this they also learn the order of the alphabet. Just like the chunky puzzle, these pieces are large enough to stand out separately.

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