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Mevrouw Aardbei

The coolest and most beautiful accessories for babies and children ...

With her background in interior styling Merel owner knows like no other how to collect the nicest and coolest items for children in her shop "Mevrouw Aardbei". It does this by running out for trends and go around the world to select the most unique items of the most beautiful brands. Lots of must-haves for your baby but also for yourself, equally stylish and an asset to any interior!

Nice detail: there is always a festive package on your doorstep, for (almost) all items are nicely packed for you!

Mrs. Strawberry was born out of passion ... a way of life! 

"The name Mevrouw Aardbei (Mrs. Strawberry) comes from my childhood, I used to when I was a year or two, think seriously responded to the question" Who alt bist du? ". My answer was" Strawberry. "A little later I had surgery and I was in the hospital a strawberry sweater on. a doctor who knew my mother called me "Mevrouw Aardbei" in response to the incident and the sweater. I was frequently mentioned Mevrouw Aardbei in my life. 
I've always been concerned with design. In 2007 I completed the training Cibap Zwolle; Designer Advertising Presentation and Communication. Then it was my dream to go to Academy Artemis Amsterdam; In 2010 I completed the training Interieurstyling. I then pursued various freelance work that had to do with styling. To show my work I wanted to create a website. On the site, I offered a number of products in addition to my work, the products on the site, then mostly home accessories, started getting better to walk. I found out that my passion lies mainly in products for children. 
I work every day with lots of fun: there is still to discover so much beauty! It is therefore not surprising that styling has become my profession. Thus, the shop is Mevrouw Aardbei born. " 


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