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OYOY is more than just a design brand OYOY is for modern families looking to relive childhood memories and create new ones. Their design collections are rooted in the Danish traditions of simplicity. They represent a playful
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OYOY circus tent clay
OYOY rattan mirror cherry
OYOY rattan mirror cherry
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OYOY rug mara lion camel
OYOY rug mara lion camel
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OYOY placemat yummy Croissant
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OYOY rattle Larva
OYOY rattle Larva
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OYOY placemat little Finn
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Origin OYOY

The Danish company OYOY Living Design was founded in January 2012 by the Danish designer Lotte Fynboe. The designs are classic, functional and durable with unique details and attractive color combinations. Influenced by traditional Danish design, the products are redesigns of childhood memories. Based on these memories, unique products are created with a focus on form and form meeting functionality.

The name is inspired by the OY letters, which have been the signature on all Danish aircraft since 1929. No matter where in the world the planes are, the sense of belonging to Denmark is important. At OYOY Living Design they are proud of their roots and the letters OY stand for our Danish heritage.


OYOY is for families looking to relive childhood memories and create new ones. More than just a design brand...
We all have them: the memories. They can be memories of your childhood, memories of something sweet someone said to you, memories of what you did on a precise date and where you were when it happened, memories of something bad, memories of something nice, memories of your favorite childhood toys. The best part is that no one can take away the memories. They are with you forever. The best memories are often created impulsively and are often about taking time to be together and forgetting everyday activities.
CONNECTION. Definition of togetherness and why we pay tribute to it:
One of the strongest values ​​is the feeling of being with others - united in a community and the feeling of being part of a group. The group can be family, friends or acquaintances. Spending experiences and time together strengthens the sense of belonging. '
The family feeling is paramount at OYOY. They strive for the designs to be an important part of the environment that gives the feeling of closeness and togetherness.


With the idea of ​​being a brand for the whole family, it is important to create designs for everyone in the family. The MINI universe of OYOY is a fun and playful universe full of cute accessories and interiors for children and playful souls. The universe stimulates creativity and play and creates the perfect setting where new memories can be created.
The nursery is the child's own refuge and the room should create an environment for play, creativity, but also rest and relaxation. OYOY believes that in the digital yet hectic world we all live in, it is important that the little ones develop their imagination and creativity through play. Create an inspiring and harmonious environment that makes room for all of your little one's needs.
The MINI collection consists of children's furniture that is so classic that adults want to decorate all rooms of the house with it. Discover a wide selection of textiles including bed linen, rugs, wall hangings and cushions in fun shapes, all with beautiful details and seductive color combinations that all create a cozy atmosphere. Throughout the collection you will find animal designs that seem instantly recognizable to the child, and are sure to create joy and a smile. Create small nooks and crannies in the nursery.

Influenced by traditional Danish design, the products are redesigns of childhood memories. Based on these memories, unique products are created that focus on form and functionality for meeting forms. Discover recognizable childhood designs and phenomena such as the beautiful rainbow. The mysterious beauty of the rainbow has fascinated and inspired people throughout time. In childhood we have seen the rainbow out of the nursery window, out the car window on a car trip, on a walk with the family, on vacation or somewhere completely different. It comes falling from the sky and the amazing play of colors in the arc always seems enchanting and magical to us.
We all have them: the memories. The best memories are often from childhood, which is why it is an important task as an adult to create experiences and memories with the children - preferably with other generations in the family. Adults should create a room with the child that encourages the little one to invite the family and friends into their own space and makes them want to spend time there. Welcome to the OYOY dreamy MINI universe, which presents childhood memories full of joy and love.

Sustainability and safety

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. This is the name of an EU regulation that aims to ensure that the different types of chemicals used in the EU do not pose a danger to people and the environment. All products sold on the European market are subject to this chemical legislation. The products of OYOY Living Design meet the requirements of REACH, because they ensure that our products do not contain any banned substances.
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a product certification that does not use chemicals that are or are suspected to be harmful to our health. The certification is one of the world's leading textile health labels and is known under the brand 'Trust in Textiles'. The vast majority of our products are made from OEKO-TEX certified textiles - including in two different classifications regarding OYOY LIVING and OYOY MINI products:
• Products for babies and toddlers up to 36 months fall under PRODUCT CLASS 1.
• Products in the form of home decoration and decorative materials, such as carpets, tea towels, furniture fabrics and textile floors, fall under PRODUCT CLASS 4.
We are continuously working to produce even more of our products in accordance with the requirements of OEKO-TEX.
FSC is a certification that ensures that no more wood is removed for production than the forest can reproduce. At the same time, the FSC is a guarantee that animals and plants are protected and that the affected workers in the forest are properly trained and are well assured of safety equipment and wages. It is very comprehensive to get FSC certified, both for OYOY and for the suppliers, but they try to choose as many suppliers as possible that use FSC certified wood.

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