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Are you ready for the nice weather? Have you thought about a sun hat for your little one?
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Ready for spring and summer?

Are you ready for the nice weather? Have you thought about a sun hat for your little one? We at Mrs Strawberry do. And we have not only thought about sun hats, but also about many more beautiful and useful things that come with nice weather and lots of outdoor time with your little one. Just to name a few: sunscreen, really cool swimming bands, really great swimming outfits and of course beautiful outdoor toys.
protect well against solar radiation
In spring and summer you will spend many more hours outside with your baby or little one. Enjoy the fresh air, light and sunshine. Healthy, for body and mind. But of course you know that it is important to protect your little one well. Not only against the sometimes treacherous wind, but especially for the sun. Direct sunshine on the skin is not healthy and dangerous, especially for young children. Not only does the delicate skin burn very quickly, but we now know that the amount of sunlight plays an important role in the development of skin conditions later in life. Fortunately, there are many options to properly protect your child. You can think carefully about where you put them or put them or let them play. A parasol is of course also useful. But there will still be many moments when it is not possible to seek shade - for example because you are on the road or because you simply cannot strap your child under the parasol. In all these cases, a good sun hat offers a solution. In fact, we don't think you can do without a good sun hat. If it is standard in your luggage when you go out with your child, you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises and you can always offer your child good protection from the sun's rays.

Very cute sun hats

At Mrs Strawberry we have a selection of great, cool sun hats. Of course, functionally good first and foremost. They provide shade for the face, but also sufficiently protect the neck. They are light, so your child will hardly feel the sun hat. We have them in different sizes, because there is quite a difference in the heads of a newborn baby and a 4-year-old toddler. They can be made to fit properly (using a drawstring) because they must of course stay in place. And they are so much fun! They are so much fun! So nice that you don't get bored and that you actually want to have two or three. So nice that you want to put them on even when the sun isn't shining or not shining that brightly.
We have purchased a very extensive collection from Liewood. No fewer than eight different versions. Walk through the collection, be inspired by the different designs and see how cute the ears of this great hat look on your child. To eat...

And very cool hats

We have two versions of the Elodie Details brand. For children from 1 to 2 years old, made from one hundred percent cotton. In terms of design, the Liewood sun hats are a bit more classic. They are a bit reminiscent of the rain cap/southwester and therefore look very cool. We have the Petit Botanic version with small flowers and the Powder Pink. Also very cool for your little girl.
Talk about tough. Our Let's Rebel trucker cap is great. A black and white cap with a huge sun visor, or one in a completely black version. We think it would be ideal for children, but also for mums and dads. Order it with the name of your son or daughter (or your nephew or niece). Of course also very cool to give as a gift. Now that's a surprise!

A sun hat is indispensable for your child, shop the best ones here!

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