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Grapat is a family business based in Gerona (Catalonia). One of the best brands that makes open ended toys.


The Grapat brand wooden toys

Grapat is a well-known toy brand based in Catalonia. The Spanish company is best known for its open ended and wooden toy products. They have a strong focus on creating toys that stimulate children's imagination and creativity.


The products

Rainbow sets : Grapat is known for its wooden rainbow sets. These sets consist of arcs in different colors and sizes, usually in the shape of semicircles. Children can use them to stack, sort, build and make all kinds of creative works.

Mandalas : Grapat offers mandala sets with wooden pieces in different shapes and colors. These pieces can be used by children to create beautiful mandala patterns and designs. It encourages focused and calm play.

Loose Parts : Grapat's "loose parts" sets contain small wooden parts such as balls and rings in various colors. These separate parts can be combined and used for open ended play. Children can integrate their imagination into various role-playing games.

Nins : Nins are wooden playing figures that are available in different sizes and colors. They can be used in combination with other Grapat items or as standalone playing figures in fantasy games.

Bowls, cups and bowls : Grapat also produces wooden bowls, cups and bowls that children can use for sorting, moving and combining objects. These can be combined with other Grapat items for even more play options.


About the toys

Grapat toys are made from sustainable beech and birch wood, stained with natural dyes and finished with vegetable oils. Which makes it 100% safe for children and the environment. Because the wood is only stained and oiled and not varnished, it retains its natural texture.

Grapat's products often have a simple, natural aesthetic and contain few or no plastic parts.

One of Grapat's most iconic products is the wooden rainbow set. These sets consist of bows in different colors and sizes and can be used for building, stacking and creative play.

Grapat also produces sets of small wooden pieces in different shapes and colors that children can use to make mandalas or for free play.

The toy is open ended. This means that it is a toy without specific instructions or purpose. Endless possibilities encourage your child to get started themselves. Their imagination and creativity are strongly developed. Grapat wooden toys are not only fun but also very educational.

The toy is popular with parents and educators who value open-ended play. Stimulating children's imagination and sensory development are also super important. The Grapat brand has gained worldwide recognition for the quality and sustainable nature of their toys.

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