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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all items in stock?
Yes, all items are in stock. All items where "SOLD OUT" to state his sold out.

I would like to order a sold item.
Want to be informed when your item is in stock, write up an article and receive once the item is back in stock email. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display all the items of delivery time again.

Why is the article suddenly sold out if I want to pay?
The items in your shopping basket will be reserved for you when you have met a completed order.
It is possible that several customers have the same last item on the order and just like in a real store can be only one person with the product to go home ie those paying the first.
The items in your cart are not as reserved for you because there are many shopping and watching customers who fill their basket but never going to pay, it would be a pity that the articles in this abandoned shopping baskets would all be considered sold.

Can you withhold something for me?
Sure you can, after payment is the product of you! Without payment we unfortunately can not withhold products.

Can I book a sold item?
No, reseveren can not but we're informed by mail. The link to the article bottom "set me know when available" you can leave your email address and you will automatically receive an email when the item is back in stock. This mail is for information only, and no reservation, you can determine at this very moment to the article or not to buy.

I placed an order but would like to add items, can I?
Yes, you can add an order / item without extra postage (in Europe), provided that the second order before 15:00 will be placed and paid (after 15:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday also apply if the same business day). Please contact us.

I'd like to have packed my articles, this can?
All the items you order will be free fun packed (with the exception of the big items like prints larger than A3, lego brick storage boxes 4 and 8, doll beds, doll carriages, tepees, big lights, posters mailbox sleeves). If you have special requirements regarding the packing you must report to the comments in the afrekenmenu.

Is the color of the product is always exactly the same as in the picture?
Yes, all products are sold as pictured. Please take account of your screen settings. Sometimes colors can just be showing slightly different depending on the display settings.

Is there an invoice in my package?
No, this you get directly via email after your order.

My order is just € 75, - why should I pay shipping costs?
Orders over € 75, - will be shipped free of charge (for example, € 75.01).

I have some gift cards, i would like to use in one order, is this possible?
Please contact us via [email protected] or via the contact form and we will create one code of the whole amount.

I searched the internet for a discount code but it does not work, can beat it?
This code is a phishing (fake) Web site, we do not use discount codes.

Can I pick up or see the products?
Unfortunately, it is forbidden to the address (residential area) where my shop is located items to come pick up or view down because this address as retail / store is considered.

Why should I pay shipping again if I have not completed my correct address and the package has been returned?
Occasionally it happens that someone address does not fill properly, in which case the package then return to us. We will contact you for the right place and will be taking questions back to settle shipping (even if someone had to start Free shipping). This is because we have to re-create the cost towards the carrier.

Can my parcel be delivered to the neighbors?
Packages in the Netherlands under € 100, - can be delivered to the neighbors, packages above this amount in our standard assured, this is a signature of the home address needs which it is unfortunately not possible to deliver the parcel to the neighbors .

Why is there no phone number on the website?
Since we are often busy with packing orders and we have deadlines, we can not answer the phone. If you have a question, please send me a message through contact or an e-mail to [email protected]. We look between the packages by quite often to our mail, reply very soon!

Why is there no address on the website?
The shop is run from home and has no business address.

My question is off!
Please contact us by [email protected] or via the contact form .

We will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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