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Nice, stylish teether and rattle for young children with nice figures and in many different colors and materials by Mrs. Aardbei. There are many beautiful and hip rattles and teething rings for the little ones to children up to older.


Coming teeth

If you notice that you are starting to get small teeth, a teether is a good option. For example, choose one of the fun bite toys from Oli & Carol in the form of fruit or vegetables such as an avocado bite toy, cabbage bite toy, melon bite toy, broccoli bite toy, cabbage bath toy or choose a carrot bite bracelet. Oli & Carol also has many other bite bracelet toys such as a deer bite bracelet, flamingo teether, zebra bite bracelet, elephant bite bracelet or even a unicorn bite bracelet! There are also origami toys such as from boats in different colors such as mint, nude, pink and yellow. Other origami toys such as a white car, a tough blue whale, a nice red crab or a cheerful green turtle. All these bite toys are made of rubber and safe for your child to bite on. Another bite toy also made from rubber is the Hevea teether panda or the teether stars from Natursutten or from BamBam. Sophie the Giraffe is also a popular bite toy among the small, this fun giraffe is just like the other bite toys easy for your little one to hold and play with. This toy is easy to recognize among all other toys and has its own scent.


Nice sound

The first few months of your little one is all about discovering and experiencing new things. And in addition to things to chew and suck, hearing is also one of the senses that develop. To discover new sounds, a rattle is a good toy for your little one. Mrs. Aardbei sells different types and sizes to rattles with a wide choice of different brands and materials. The Grimm's Toy's and Plan Toys rattles are all made of wood with the most beautiful colors. Grimm's Toy's rattles are in the colors of the rainbow in combination with wood giving a nice sound as well as something visually beautiful to look at and attract the attention of your baby. The Plan Toys rattles are also with wood and color, but they are softer in color with astel shades such as pastel blue, orange, yellow and pink. Most of these wooden rattles have wooden balls that cause the sound.

There are also many soft rattles made from fabric that come with a loop, such as the Fabelab or Mies & Co rattles that can be easily attached to things such as the box, luggy or crib. There are also rattles available that are also stuffed animals, such as the Maileg rattle, the Fabelab octopus or The Milk Collective rattles. Mian and Co has a crocheted rattle that looks nice and has a unicorn on top, this rattle is good for every little girl! The wooden rattles with a fabric element from Bezisa look nice and last a long time, these rattles have different textures and materials that arouse interest in your little one.


Lanco Sensory

If you have a much younger child or are you looking for a good baby shower gift, the Lanco Sensory rubber toys are a good idea. With this, the 5 senses develop. Thanks to the striking colors, the baby's attention is attracted and they pick it up faster, they also learn to recognize different colors from an early age, which also develops eye coordination. the toy is safe to chew and suck and easily grasped. The toy has a soft beep that is enough to attract baby's attention without too much noise. Different textures allow your child to discover new forms and ways of grasping The Lanco Sensory rubber ball in particular is good for this, because it has many different textures to discover with the mouth and hands.


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