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One of the nicest daily rituals with your child is bathing, and it is nice to use bath capes and washcloths. Most children enjoy this moment immensely.
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One of the nicest daily rituals with your child is bathing, and it is nice to use bath capes and washcloths. Most children enjoy this moment immensely. A moment of peace; enjoy the weightlessness, the warmth and the caress of the water. But especially when your child gets a little older, this is also a moment of intense splashing fun. Parents also often find bathing one of the most enjoyable times of the day. As with all matters, the same applies here: with the right materials it is pleasant to work and the eye also wants something: a person is happy with beautiful materials and design. At Mrs Aardbei we have everything in house to make bathing a pleasure in that respect too.

Wash and dry with fine materials and beautiful designs

You naturally want to choose good materials for washing and drying your child. We have a huge choice of hydrophilic cloths, which absorb moisture very well, are very soft and are therefore very suitable as a drying cloth for the little ones. There is also a wide choice of washcloths made from the same material. We have the brands Trixie and Jolein for you. Trixie has beautiful designs with the ocher yellow Cheetahs, the yellow bananas on a light blue background and dark pink Crocodiles.
Jolein is no less impressive with pink flamingos, Indian motifs and the still popular cacti on a white background. The washcloths are always packed per 3 pieces. Also an ideal maternity gift.
For the slightly older baby we have great terry cloth washcloths from the Liewood brand, which your child will probably also like. Here too, a set of 3: a cat, a rabbit and a panda, all with the characteristic faces and ears of these animals. As a parent, have fun with this washcloth, because with a little creativity you can have a great hand puppet for the water festival. Success assured and no longer a child afraid of the water or washing! The Sylvester mix is available in the colors mustard, gray and light green; the Girlie mix in white, pink and light gray. These washcloths are also very suitable as a (maternity) gift.
The shower glove is useful when you take a shower with your baby: the shower glove. Specially designed to keep a good grip on your baby. And they look great fun. In various colors and in terms of price, also very suitable as a maternity gift - also for fathers!

Bath capes in sizes and types

Bathing also includes a good bath cape to wrap your little one in when you lift him or her out of the bath, so that they do not cool down too quickly. We have a wide choice of original and luxurious capes. You can choose a terry cloth cape or a waffle cloth cape with a terry cloth inside. Liewood has beautiful bath capes with their well-known animal figures panda and rabbit with the characteristic ears. If your child wears a hood like this, it will be a photo opportunity every time. We have them in the colors mustard, dark gray and white-black (panda). Trixie has a set of bath cape with accompanying washcloth. Cheetahs – vanilla with beautiful ocher-colored cheetahs and Bananas on a light blue background.
We have slightly larger bath and wrap capes from the Koeka brand, with a particularly luxurious look. The outside is made of waffle cloth and the inside is made of very soft terry cloth. Due to the sleek styling, they can also be used as a general wrapping cloth. They have an opening in the middle, through which a safety belt can be attached, so they are also suitable for placing your baby in a rocker or car seat. They are available in old pink; white, steel-gray, dusty-mint and ocher. A must-have is the Liewood bathrobe. In the color mustard. How tough can you be? Also very suitable for when you go swimming with your slightly older child. Liewood also has a handy and safe anti-slip mat in its range to place on the bottom of the bath so that your child can stand up properly. Nice cat figures in the colors pink, dusti-mint and dumbo-grey. In short, bath capes and washcloths are really indispensable!

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