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How much do I pay shipping costs in the Netherlands?

Orders over € 75, - free
PostNL mailbox post (without Track & Trace) € 1.56 - € 3.12 (depending on weight)
Letterbox Packet PostNL (with Track & Trace) € 3.95 (depending on price and weight)
PostNL Parcel (with Track & Trace)
Takeout PostNL point (with Track & Trace)
€ 4.95
€ 4.95

How do I pay shipping costs in Belgium and Germany?

Orders over € 85, - free
PostNL Parcel (with Track & Trace) € 7.95

How do I pay shipping in Europe?

LU € 10.95
GB € 11.25
FR, € 13.95
IT DK AT € 14.95
MC € 15.75
PT, ES € 18.25
SE, FI, IE € 18.95
CZ, HU, PL, SI, SK € 20.25
BG, RO, GR € 23.75
EE, LT, LV € 25.75

How much postage do I pay the rest of the world?
(Starting price 0-1 kg, depending on the weight, the price goes up per kilo)

CH, NO € 20.47
BY, GL, HR, IS, LI, TR € 23.14
AU, BR, CA, CN, HK, JP, NZ, US, ZA € 26.30
AR, AW, BB, BM, BN, BS, BZ, C, CU, CR, DM, DO, EC, EC, SV, FJ, CV, MI, MA, MF, ML, MA, MU, MX, KP, PA, PY, RU, SG, LK, SR, TH, TW, KR € 29.92

How quickly will my package?
Did you pay (except for transfer, it may take several days) before 17:00, we ship the package the same business day (Monday / Friday excluding holidays).

When will I receive my order?
1-2 days Mailbox Post in Netherlands
1 day Packages in Netherlands
2 days Belgium and Germany
3-4 working days Mailbox Post to Belgium (may run for 2 weeks).
2-3 working days Tipi tents, they have a slightly longer delivery time because they are coming from a different shipping company.

Delivery by PostNL
Your best assessment is offered 2x (or delivered to the neighbors). After that your order to the nearest post office to pick up. Your order will be two weeks to pick it up after the order is returned to us.

It is also possible to choose a collection point (NL) or have your package delivered to a different delivery address.

* The above is an indication of PostNL and we're using these data give no guarantee with respect to the delivery.

What should I do if my order has not arrived?
It may very occasionally happen that a packet is lost in the mail.
You can email, I'll see if I can arrange to find the package in the system and / or something.

Can my parcel be delivered to the neighbors?
Packages in the Netherlands under € 100, - can be delivered to the neighbors, packages above this amount in our standard assured, this is a signature of the home address needs which it is unfortunately not possible to deliver the parcel to the neighbors .

Can I pick up or come and see the products?
Unfortunately, it is forbidden to pick up the address (residential area) where our shop is to get rid established products because this address as retail / store is considered.

I'd like to have packed my articles, this can?
All the items you order will be free fun packed (with the exception of large items such as Lego storage boxes, doll beds, doll carriages, tepees, big lights and walk bikes). If you have special requirements regarding the packing you must report to the comments in the afrekenmenu.