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MACHOUYOU is a medical device that promotes weaning of the thumb and pacifier and the repair of the damage!

From 2 to 6 years (or 20 teeth)

The company Machouyou
Behind the company Machouyou® are Isabelle and Philippe.

Philippe is the inventor, oral surgeon from Bordeaux, facing the increasingly frequent need for orthodontic care in children, Machouyou® imagined Machouyou® as a preventive tool.

Isabelle is the leader. She first relied on her designer knowledge to refine the look of Machouyou®, then put all her energy into getting it known and distributed.

Today, Philippe continues to invent and Isabelle, surrounded by three other employees, continues to develop the company.

More and more health professionals (pediatricians, speech therapists, dentists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) are recommending the products during their consultations.

For the future, the Machouyou® company intends to continue its development in pharmacy and enrich its product range for the general public.


100% Made in France
The products are developed in the dental practice in Bordeaux.
They are then produced by manufacturers in France (Basque Country and Southeast) and exclusively with medical grade silicone.

Machouyou, is the subject of a registered patent that is the result of several years of research.
The CE marking guarantees their classification as a Class 1 medical device.

Machouyou appearance
Machouyou is shaped like a rabbit's head and that's no coincidence...
The rabbit has teeth that grow throughout its life and it is important that it grinds and chews.
The orange color was chosen in reference to the carrot of our friend Rabbit, but also to that of fruits and vegetables (clementine, orange, mandarin, apricot, pumpkin...).
Orange is also a popular color for girls and boys.

It was made in 2015.


September 2018 : New Aquitaine Economy Women's Trophy, Isabelle elected Woman Business Leader
January 2018 : New Ideas Trophy, 2nd place
November 2017 : 20th Orthodontic Days, "10 minutes to convince"
June 2017 : Meetings of Bordeaux Entrepreneurs, 3rd place

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