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The Trybike. The bike lasts a long time, is durable and looks cool.


Pim and Alex are two brothers and love cycling. In addition to being avid cyclists, they have been an importer of many fun toys for 10 years, especially toys on wheels, including balance bikes. They weren't too happy with the products they were importing. The quality, pricing and way of working. Stubborn as they are, we have developed a balance bike that in their eyes is perfect with all the knowledge they have acquired over the years. The Trybike. The bike lasts a long time, is durable and looks cool. In fact, they would have liked to have had this as a child.

Dutch design

They spent 1.5 years developing, made 34 test models, had 7 test pilots brutally abuse the Trybike and then we were satisfied. Designed and tested in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, production is too expensive in the Netherlands or Europe, but we have found a small factory in China that makes the Trybike in a responsible way. With respect for the environment and for people. They are proud of the factory in China and the employees. They are really just friends now.

They make the Trybike as sustainable as possible with respect for our planet and for our fellow man. This already started in the design phase by making a strong and quality product that lasts. Also by choosing the right materials. As little plastic as possible and no cotton, for example, because growing cotton, organic or not, is extremely harmful to the environment. They use certified wood, recycled cardboard and only high-quality and safe materials. With the Trybike they are well on their way in terms of sustainability, but not yet where they want to be. There is always room for improvement and they are always looking for those improvements.


If your child keeps his feet off the floor while cycling, he is an accomplished balance bike expert. Now you can also buy a real bicycle with pedals. If you buy a bicycle with pedals, leave the training wheels in the store. The only thing your child needs to learn now is to pedal and brake. Balancing is not a problem and after an hour of practice most children are already cycling.

Save the Trybike for your next child or pass the balance bike on to another child. After all, that is really sustainable.

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