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Konges Sløjd doll's pram Lemon
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Konges Sløjd doll pram Louloudi
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Konges Slojd buggy Lemon
Konges Slojd buggy Lemon
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€53,95 €41,95
€53,95 €49,95


Mrs Aardbei has a good assortment of dolls. Not only the dolls, but also articles that are related to the game, such as: dolls prams, dolls beds, dolls 'duvets, sleeping bags, travel cots, baby carriers and dolls' clothing. Of course all according to the standards of Mrs. Strawberry: beautiful, stylish, somewhat special, sustainably produced. Because it is one of the nicest toys for a child that is ready for role play or pretend play. It offers them the chance to re-enact what they have experienced or seen themselves and to process their emotions. It also gives them the opportunity to 'take care' themselves, to feel great and responsible. All very important for the development of a child: boy or girl, it doesn't matter.
Depending on the age of your child - and his or her preferences - you will choose a baby doll or a doll at a somewhat older age. With a baby doll the emphasis will be more on getting dressed and undressed, putting it in a bed and removing it again, carrying it and taking care of it. In short, everything they have seen you or you do or do with a baby. With a 'fashionable girl doll' the accent will be more on putting in a different outfit and / or taking care of the hair. Thank you for purchasing more than one doll. Dolls must be able to grow with children.
Nowadays there is fortunately more attention for the fact that a child must be able to identify with a doll. That it is important that children see early on that there are differences in people, but that they are all able to be equally sweet.
That means there is more diversity. In the past, the 'realistic doll' was almost standard as a girl's doll, (or neuter!), Blond with blue eyes. But now there is a choice of girls, boys, dolls with a European, Asian or African appearance. With blond hair, dark hair, frizzy hair. In short, there is always a choice in which your child will be able to identify.

Baby dolls Mrs. Strawberry

We have a nice series of realistic baby dolls under the name Mrs. Strawberry. These are 46 cm tall, weigh 1.5 kilos and are very realistic. They look lifelike, especially because of the hand-painted eyebrows and nails. Not cheap, but a really beautiful doll. We have them in different versions, that is with different outfits. And there are small price differences that have to do with the outfits.
Wide choice in Paola Reina

We have three different series of the well-known brand Paola Reina. This brand writes about its vision: “A doll that lets you fantasize, share secrets, makes you happy and brings out the best in you. The perfect doll does not exist, but the doll that brings this out to you is the best for you ”. From that vision they also make different types. There are fashionable girl dolls, but also (realistic) baby dolls. With a different appearance: brown, white, Asian, boy or girl. They laugh or look serious. That means that you can indeed choose a doll or have it chosen that really suits your child. Characteristic of this brand is the vanilla fragrance.
The Gordi are semi-realistic. They are 32 cm long and can take a beating, making them well suited for younger children who will sometimes throw their bite or want to bite into it. They are also priced very friendly. The great thing about this series is that you can choose from many different versions of the doll itself. For example, there is a choice between a girl's doll or a boy's doll and a serious looking or smiling one. Or for a doll with a European, Asian or African appearance. But whatever you choose, they all look great. The second series that we have purchased is the Bebitos series. This doll is a stroke larger than the Gordi doll, namely 45 cm. Here we again have the choice between a boy or a girl's doll, and between a European or African appearance they are dressed in a diaper.
And thirdly, we have the series that we call the 'fashionable girls' for convenience. They listen to names such as: Carla ballerina, Carla Winter, Nora summer or Nora Winter, Carol ballerina, Liu Summer or Claudia Winter. Also look carefully here, because you will see differences, not only in clothing, but also in appearance and hair type and the like.

Kanindocka doll and Hopsi from OYOY

The Kanindocka doll is a separate category. This doll from Sweden is the middle between a hug and a play doll. Made from 100 percent cotton, soft and modeled after a rabbit with beautiful long ears, it is ideal to cuddle with, to carry with you everywhere, to give in a baby bed, but also suitable for pretend play. In short, a doll suitable from 0 years until .... yes until when actually?
From the OYOY brand we have Hopsi: also a cuddle / play doll modeled after a bunny. This is no less than 47 cm in size and made of polyester. The perfect boyfriend for your child.

Doll clothes and other accessories

What is a doll without nice clothes? For a number of mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts and girlfriends a huge challenge to make things themselves. But not everyone has that creativity or time. So for the baby dolls that we have in-house, we also have a number of sets of cute doll clothes. For the Paola Reina Gordi we have a set of boys 'clothes and a set of girls' clothes. And from Cam Cam Copenhagen we have some clothing sets for dolls between 38 and 46 cm. A set consists of a cap, a tunic and a pair of pants. And how nice do you want it to be: we also have sleeping bags in which they can pack their baby if they need to sleep, baby bags or travel cots if they want to go out with them. And if you really want to unpack, we also have beautiful doll beds, bed sheets / blankets or doll prams in the shop.

Take them out for a walk, become a doctor in case of illness, dress your doll beautifully, celebrate birthdays and rock your babies to sleep.
Here you will find toys for all sweet doll mothers and their children.

Anyway, it may be clear: We love it, your child loves it and you will see that you too will love Mrs. Strawberry's dolls and dolls stuff!

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