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You will find car lovers in all age groups, it is certain that lovers of beautiful car toys can indulge themselves at Mrs. Strawberry.
Kids Concept fire engine Aiden
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Maileg mice car brown
Maileg mice car brown
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You will find car lovers in all age groups, it is certain that lovers of beautiful car toys can indulge themselves at Mrs. Strawberry. She also has something with beautiful cars and cars and it shows. For very young children, but also for the slightly older ones, we have purchased beautiful things. As you are used to from us, it is about stylish toys made of beautiful, solid material. And it is great as a decoration in the baby or children's room, but is of course also very nice to play with or to give away. And we can well imagine that adults fall in love with these beautiful cars!


Wooden car racing track, garages and cars

From the Kids concept brand we have a beautiful wooden racing track with 3 cars. Pretty young children already love playing with this. It is about the 'marble path' principle; the car is placed at the top and then sinks down. Nice training of eye-hand coordination, but especially endless fun for the child!
We have the 'ramp racer' with 2 cars from Plan toys, which works on the same principle.

We have 2 beautiful wooden garages for children who are already busy with cars and pretend play. Garage Aiden with 3 floors of Kids Concept and the parking garage (with 2 cars) of Plan Toys. We have very funny racing cars from the same brand. The chicken racing car, the bunny racing car and finally the baby car in pastel.

We have beautiful sleekly designed wooden cars in six versions of the Kiko + Kuruma brand. They are very decorative, but there is also a winding system in it (elastic), which means that they will start driving themselves if you first moved them backwards. Great discovery for your toddler!


Laying motorways yourself inside and outside

Way to play is ideal for the older child who wants to fully enjoy creating his own car routes. They are 'road parts' that can be put together. It is very beautiful, solid material of good quality plastic, with the appearance of rubber / asphalt. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can place it on almost any surface and it is easy to clean. We have 7 different boxes that are all priced differently. And you can combine sets. Ideal gift for birthday, Sinterklaas or Christmas party!


To play with or to collect

Play Forever, the brand says it all, these are cars and cars for the car enthusiast of every age! We have various series to play with and to collect.
The Buck red, the Clyde Midnight, crazy cars. And what about the Maverick Heat, a real sheriff car! Always wanted to have of course.
The Bruno series has vintage racing cars and in the largest format, namely 27x18x13 cm.
They cost a bit, but then you also have an irresistible car. We have three versions in this series.
The Loretino series is also vintage models, but these are a bit smaller, namely 13.8 x 8.8 x 7 cm. They are also priced differently. Here too three items to choose from.
A separate story is the Rufus series. Here Rufus plays the dog the lead role and his flapping ears indicate how fast this car cannot drive. These are also vintage models and we have them in three versions. In terms of size, they are in between the Bruno and Loretino cars: 21.4x12.7x10.8 cm.
The Verve Velocita series (also 21.4x12.7x10.8 cm cm) has racing cars in a modern version, as we now see them driving on the circuits. We have four different versions of this.

And for those who prefer to play with an airplane, a train or another vehicle, no problem! We also have this one !.

In short: it will be very difficult to choose from the car toys at Mrs. Strawberry, because one item is even more beautiful than the other ...

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