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crib sheet

Our beautiful sheets from Mies & Co and Swedish Linens are made of 100% cotton and fit perfectly in a cot!

crib sheet

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Our Swedish Linens crib sheets are real eye-catchers! The bedding for the children is digitally printed, which ensures beautiful colors. The sheets are made of 100% organic percale cotton, which ensures great properties: it breathes and it is moisture absorbent. Cotton percale has a lot of threads to weave the fabric, much more than regular cotton! Because of all these fine threads, the fabric feels softer, smoother and more pleasant. So the more threads, the more beautiful, softer and more supple the fabric!

Mies & Co

Mies & Co is also one of our favorite brands when it comes to sheets. The material is safe to use and gives a dreamy feeling with the beautiful prints. An advantage of all our crib sheets is that they can be washed at 30 to 40 degrees.


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