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You may not know it, but Mrs. Strawberry has several very cool walkers, including some combined types. The combinations are, for example, first rocking and later as a walker, or first as a walker and later as a step.


You may not know it, but Mrs. Strawberry has several very cool walkers, including some combined types. The combinations are, for example, rocking first and later as a walker, or first as a walker and later as a step. A walker is a very cool toy for a child. On the threshold of learning to walk, it gives your child the opportunity to considerably increase his or her radius of action, to practice walking and literally 'make progress'. Also, most children really enjoy 'driving', ie when an adult pushes them and they have the sensation of speed. This is all possible with the walkers that we have at Mrs. Aardbei's house. And one walker looks even cooler than the other; logical because that is always one of the criteria that Mrs. Aardbei uses in her purchasing policy. Will you walk through the collection with us?

Flipping from rocking to walker

We also have two models of carriages from the New Zealand brand Wishbone (in addition to the two- and three-wheelers), which actually have three functions. You start rocking with your child of about 1 year old, and you 'flip' over to the walker function when your child is older. Your child can push as well as sit on the walker. The product was designed by a father who gave his children the same sensation he had had in his youth: moving around a lot, being outside a lot. They have a beautiful design and high quality. They are stylishly executed in beautiful natural wood from managed forests, plastic, aluminum and steel. Sustainability is a really important aspect with this brand. In 2012, they won the Junior Design Award Best Eco Toy in England with their Wishbone Flip. We have purchased the large model Wishbone flip for children from 1 to 5 years and the smaller model Wishbone mini flip mix&match from 9 months to approximately 3 years. The first in white; the smaller version in pink and white and in black and white.

From walker to scooter

The Scoot and Ride brand also comes with a combination: the Highwaykick, a walker and scooter in one. You start with the walker and it lasts up to three years and then the walker can be easily and quickly converted into a real step. The seat and steering wheel are adjustable so that it can really grow with your child. The Highwaykick provides balance, thanks to the two front wheels. In addition, it also has tilt protection, which prevents the bicycle from tipping forward. Thanks to the low seat, your child will sit very stable and the ergonomic handles are designed for children's hands. The design is distinctive; the walker/step has a great solid and sturdy look. There are four colors to choose from: ash (white), Forest (green), pink and stem (bluish). The name says it all: you can take it to the streets with it and that's a kick!


A zoo full of walkers

Wheelybug has a very extensive collection of very funny walker for younger children. The carriages are equipped with four castor wheels, which makes them very light to drive and easy to turn. They are great for your toddler to ride and experience. The bracket at the front ensures that your child can hold on well and also makes it suitable as a walker when your child takes his or her first steps. The choice of materials has been carefully considered: the soft vinyl seat is comfortable and easy to wash, the wheels do not leave marks on the floor and the aluminum bracket is light, yet sturdy. It is not without reason that this has been voted toy of the year several times in Australia. And then the designs! They come in many different designs of all kinds of animals and one is even cooler than the other! A lot of attention has been paid to the details, which makes them really recognizable and have a high cuddly content. Hold on tight because we have a zoo full in the house: the mouse, the ladybug, the bee, the piglet, the panda and the tiger. Your stroller will probably be there.

Pure wooden walking and shopping cart

We also have two beautiful wooden walkers from Kids Concept, the Swedish brand of which we have quite a lot of products. They are beautiful in their simplicity: made of natural wood in a timeless and neutral design, which makes them suitable for every style of nursery. One is almost the classic walker as we know it: a high bracket and stable 'loading carriage', which gives your child the opportunity to practice walking, but also long after he or she can do it well, will be used to make dolls, stuffed animals or other toys. And the other is a shopping cart version. It will last a long time in pretend play, long after your child has learned to walk with it.

So if you are looking for a cool, solid, high-quality walker with a beautiful design, an asset to the nursery, but above all an asset to your moving child, then you will come to Mrs. Aardbei.

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