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Flow makes cheerful products for the children's room. All products are easy to use and make life a bit more fun.
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About Flow Amsterdam

Flow Amsterdam makes cheerful products that make life more fun and easier, for both children and their parents. Having children is very special and they only want the very best for them. Flow wants to give them the love, security and trust they need to grow up. That is what they like to contribute to with their products.

The products

The collection consists of functional products that are stylish and easy to use. They show you with all their products that simplicity, function and style can be perfectly combined. With an enthusiastic team they are working on creating a collection that will put a smile on the face of you and your child.

Flow believes it is important that the products come from a fair environment and are of high quality. The products that Mrs. Aardbei from Flow Amsterdam sells are sleep trainers, night lamps and projectors. Everything to make your child feel safe in the bedroom.

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