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Sophie de Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe was a baby favorite 50 years ago but is still hip and trendy today. Already 40 million babies have grown up with Sophie! Once upon a time, a very ordinary story... The little giraffe was born on May 25 of...
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Sophie de Giraffe

Once upon a time, a very ordinary story...

The little giraffe was born on May 25 of the year 1961... the name day of Saint Sophie! At that time, only pet toys or well-known farm animals were made... that's why one day in France a certain Mr Rampel conceived the concept of rotomoulding rubber for the manufacture of toys. That's how he got the idea to make a giraffe, a newcomer to the market with its exotic appearance and whose size and shape were ideal for baby's grasping reflexes.

The design

The design of the mould, its manufacture and finishing were entrusted to Mr Brault, the studio chief. The production of Sophie the Giraffe, as it still happens today, was started on Thursday 25 May, hence the name. This was an immediate success. Young mothers immediately recognized the absolute "must" among the toys for their child. Thanks to Sophie the Giraffe, baby no longer cried when the first teeth came through! The little giraffe really owes its popularity to the word of mouth that followed. From that date, generations of children all over Europe came to admire and recognize the beeping sound when they press on the giraffe's belly or head!

The VULLI company, based in Rumilly in the Haute-Savoie region, has carefully kept the secret of this famous toy. Today, Sophie the Giraffe is still "manufactured" as it takes more than 14 manual operations to make this toy. Sophie de Giraffe's composition based on rubber from the hevea tree is 100% natural.

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