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Label Label; a brand with beautiful wooden toys!
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About Label Label

Label label became known in 2005 with its Label Wipes. In 2019 the collection is completely reborn!
The idea came from a sweet grandmother who made the wipes for her granddaughter. The enthusiasm was shared with consumers and the wipes flew out the door. Soon the competition came with their version of the label cloths, cuddly toys and pacifier cloths… The uniqueness was gone. So renewal was necessary. After the original wipes, the animal figures and many other designs, it was time to restyle Label Label.

The result is a completely new house style, tailored to what today's parents consider important. Trendy colors, environmentally conscious material choices, sustainability... With this 'mindset', Label Label was reborn at the end of 2019 and they deliver a sustainable collection of wooden toys.

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