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Are you looking for a. stylish, unique duvet cover made of beautiful material, then you have come to the right place.
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Are you looking for a stylish, unique duvet cover made of beautiful material, then you've come to the right place. You can find the most beautiful children's room duvet covers here!

For young and old

Want to go to sleep every night with cars, planes or towing cars? Complete a cool boy's room with various prints from Studio Ditte. choosing your bed cover is not only fun, but also really determines the atmosphere in your room! For example, if you have a yellow or blue room, the Studio Ditte bed cover car will fit very well with this. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about whether it fits, because almost all brands that are sold at Mrs. Aardbei are available both in single-person and in junior format. Fine Little Day has black and white designs, which looks great with every room and is monochrome, which is useful if you like to adjust your room often. Other designs that are black and white are the Telkiddo bed covers. These covers are made of eco-cotton and printed with the well-known bear face.

The happiest designs!

Snurk has nice designs, where it looks like you're in a spaceship, for example. Or that you are a princess, a dino or a mermaid! There are also two types and knitted covers of the same brand that are also an ilusion. Now you can enjoy 100% soft percaline cotton and enjoy a knitted pattern without all that tickling in your neck. All Snurk designs are designed in the Netherlands and made in Portugal.

Oyoy has playful designs such as Adventure, where a road runs over the comforter. Your child will experience great adventures under this cool adventure duvet cover from OYOY. On the comforter is a road that runs through nature. During the road trip you will come across bears, mountains and an Indian camp. The cover is made of organic cotton and therefore feels incredibly soft. The comforter comes with a pillowcase. That's why you buy the nicest cool and coolest duvet covers at Mrs. Aardbei.


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